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Creative Art Trio

The Trio has been playing on a regular base SINCE 1971. The members of the Trio are :

George V U K Á N - pianist, composer,conductor. His biography you can find on a separate paper.

Balázs B E R K E S - bassist. He graduated at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest. Later he became the professor of the bass on this institute. He worked many years in the radio as the member of Studio 11. He played in many-many formations, but the longest time - since 1961 - he plays together with Vukán. As a guest artist he played everywhere all around Europe. He was also the composer of his own CD , entitled : FOREVER. A phantastic chamber musician and a master of his instrument.

Elemér B A L Á Z S - drummer. He graduated from the jazz department of the Bartók Conservatory as a student of Gyula Kovács. Now he is one of the best drummer well known not only in Hungary. Since 1990 he is a founding member of G. Vukán's Creative Art Trio. In last years he formed his own quintet, and he plays also the drums in the Trio Midnight formation. On the FLY BIRD-CD he plays with the Creative Art Trio his own compositions.

They have participated in several reputable festivals all over in Europe and in Hungary as well. They performed with many outstanding jazz stars, as Kenny Wheeler, Annette Lowman, Kay Winding, Art Farmer, Stephanie Belmondo etc.

In 1991 the played 5 concerts in Sevilla at the World EXPO . Their concerts were huge success. In 1992 they headed and conducted a Big Band Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union, in which participated musicians from 17 countries of Europe, playing also own compositions ./ Andalusian Cat, Swing, Blues /. Recently they work also together with famous Hungarian classical formations and musicians, showing the evidence how genre boundaries can be eliminated, how orchestra formations can be handled with trio's and the orchestra's performances. / Liszt Chamber Orchestra, Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, Hungarian Radio Orchestra, Creative Art Symphony Orchestra on the CD :IBERIA./ Their concert, which they performed together with The Liszt Chamber Orchestra in 1996 in Holland, was the "Concert Of The Year". /CHOPIN PRELUDES -CD/.

 They played many bacground music to theatrical performances, television and movie films and radio plays.

In the last ten years they made more than 20 CD-s. / You can find the list on the Trio’s